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Sostanza is the trusted advisor to some of the world’s top cannabis producers. Our focus is on the cultivation and processing of cannabis at scale. Led by horticultural professionals with vast experience in the cannabis industry, Sostanza adds value to the design and operation of cannabis production facilities and outdoor operations. Our team has built and operated world-class facilities, established skilled teams, developed efficient processes, pioneered cannabis horticultural research, achieved some of the highest yields in the industry, and won several awards recognizing product quality.




Facility and Cultivation System Design

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Cultivation and Operations

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Philipp Matzneller, PhD

Co-founder and senior consultant

Philipp draws on extensive experience in commercial plant production and uses an evidence-based approach to improve production yield and quality. Philipp was the Senior Scientist of cultivation at MedReleaf and Director of Applied Cultivation Aurora Cannabis.

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Juan Gutierrez

Co-founder and senior consultant 


Juan has a deep knowledge and expertise in commercial plant production, facility operation, and team management. Juan was the Director of Cultivation at MedReleaf in Ontario and led international production improvement programs for Aurora Cannabis.

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Deron Caplan (9).jpeg

Deron Caplan, PhD

Senior consultant


Deron is a well-respected scientist and operator in the cannabis space. Deron earned North America's first Ph.D. with research focused on indoor cannabis production and led operations at Hawthorne's Kelowna Research Station - the world's first facility dedicated to advancing cannabis cultivation techniques and systems.

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Sostanza worked closely with our operations and management team, helping optimize our facilities, plan new projects, develop strategy, and train our team members. They supported planning and executing projects in Kelowna, BC and at our field site in Portugal. Juan, Philipp and Deron always make themselves available during production challenges and work closely with our team to solve problems. The nutrition program they implemented improved plant health and yield and lowered the cost of inputs, and they also helped with R&D projects, propagation, team structure, and cultivar selection. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sostanza. They are highly professional, yet still very well-versed in cannabis culture and commercial production.

Jasbir Kooner, Master Grower, Flowr

85,000 sq ft indoor - 190,000 sq ft greenhouse - 7,000,000 sq ft outdoor

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