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Achieve Results

We help you achieve your goals – whether that be to increase yield, reduce costs, improve quality, strengthen your team, or build your facility.

Build Trust

We work with, consult, and encourage your existing talent - improvements only last if there is buy-in from key stakeholders.

Remain Flexible

Every project and team is different – we use a practical approach to meet customer needs.




Co-Founder and Senior Consultant 

Philipp was the Senior Scientist of cultivation at MedReleaf and Director of Applied Cultivation after Aurora Cannabis acquired the company. Under his guidance, a team of a dozen scientists and assistants across multiple facilities collected data and conducted experiments that resulted in a substantial increase in yield and quality of the production. Previously, Philipp worked in the ornamental greenhouse industry and as a research associate conducting climate impact studies. He holds a BSc and MSc in Agriculture from the University of Bologna (Italy) and a Ph.D. in Agroclimatology from the Humboldt University of Berlin.

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Co-Founder and Senior Consultant 

Juan was the Director of Cultivation at MedReleaf for almost four years, where he led efforts to develop industry-leading and award-winning high-quality and high-yield cannabis cultivation practices. Once MedReleaf was acquired by Aurora Cannabis, Juan led assessment and improvement programs for all their cultivation facilities in Canada and supported similar projects in South America and Europe. Apart from cannabis experience, Juan has a deep knowledge and expertise in commercial plant production. Juan holds a BSc in horticulture from the University of Guelph in Canada.

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Senior Consultant 

Deron earned North America's first Ph.D. with research focused on indoor cannabis production, then led operations at The Kelowna Research Station - the world's first facility dedicated to advancing cannabis cultivation techniques and systems. He was the Director of Research and Development at The Flowr Corporation, managing a team of ten scientists and operators and working closely with partners at The Hawthorne Gardening Company, a subsidiary of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. Deron has provided expert commentary on cannabis production to many media outlets and the Government of Canada.

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