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Unlocking opportunities in Thailand's emerging cannabis industry

Nov 1, 2023

In this article by MMJ Daily, Deron Caplan discusses the unique advantages and opportunities of the Thai cannabis market.

Read the article here

The emerging cannabis industry in Thailand presents significant opportunities for entrepreneurs, with the potential for substantial growth. Deron Caplan, Senior Consultant at Sostanza, discusses the unique advantages of the Thai cannabis market and the importance of learning from mature markets like Canada and the United States. While the industry is rapidly expanding, it faces evolving and somewhat vague regulations that are likely to become more defined and stringent over time. Deron emphasizes the need for stricter controls on product quality, including mandatory testing for harmful substances and responsible pesticide use. Notably, the Thai market places less emphasis on high THC content and prioritizes factors like aroma, appearance, and the overall cannabis experience. This unique preference offers opportunities for local entrepreneurs to focus on distinct strains tailored to the local market. Thailand's cannabis industry holds substantial potential for growth, especially for innovators who prioritize quality and sustainability from the outset. 

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