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Dr. Deron Caplan shares four scientifically proven tips for growing cannabis

Oct 12, 2018

In this CBC video, Deron discusses fertilization, growing medium, drought, and propagation in cannabis cultivation.

Watch the video here

These four scientifically proven tips offer valuable insights for optimizing the cultivation of cannabis.

Tip #1 underscores the importance of judicious fertilization during the flowering stage, cautioning against overuse as excessive fertilizer may enhance yield at the cost of diminishing crucial cannabinoids and medically significant compounds.

Tip #2 highlights the significance of selecting the appropriate growing medium, particularly in the flowering stage. Research indicates that substrates like coconut coir, renowned for their environmental sustainability and moisture retention properties, can significantly boost yields and cannabinoid content. The choice of substrates such as peat moss-based options or synthetic alternatives like rock wool plays a pivotal role. It is recommended to seek high porosity or good drainage in store-bought potting mixes to ensure optimal moisture control.

Tip #3 introduces the concept of controlled drought during the flowering stage, where a slight degree of wilting over approximately 11 days can enhance the quality and yield of cannabis, elevating cannabinoid and terpenoid levels.

Tip #4 delves into the realm of propagation, advocating the use of synthetic rooting hormones for vegetative stem cuttings. Moreover, it challenges the industry norm of cutting tips off the leaves of stem cuttings, suggesting that retaining three leaves instead of two can foster healthier and higher-quality root development. These evidence-based tips offer practical guidance for cannabis cultivators seeking to optimize their crop's potency and yield.

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